Friday, 30 November 2012

Why I'm a Winner Without Winning

Okay, so, it's the last day of NaNo, and I'm about 9k away from winning, but it doesn't seem like I'll be able to win NaNo this year.

And, to be honest, I'm okay with that.

No, really, I am.

Even though I didn't "win" NaNo in the traditional sense, I still feel like I've accomplished so much. I mean, I wrote 40k in a month. That's about half a novel. That's a big freaking deal.

So, I'll be sitting here, celebrating my ass off, congratulating myself on getting so much done.

If you haven't won NaNo this year, don't beat yourself up over it. You still accomplished something, even if it's just a few words, because those are words you didn't have at the beginning of November.

So, what are my plans for post-NaNo?

Well, on Sunday, I'm going away to Philip Island to laze away on the beach for a week, where I'll read all of the books, and have all of the fun, and drink all of the booze (not an exaggeration). Afterwards, I plan on continuing the unfinished NaNo novel, and editing my dearest FG so that I can send it to CPs in the near future.

So just remember, even if you didn't win officially, you're still a winner. :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

NaNo Weeks 2 & 3

Oh my gosh, I am so bad at this blogging thing. This is just a quick post to show that I'm still alive, and still writing.

And, apparently, at the whole NaNo-ing thing.

After the first week went swimmingly well, I seemed to have developed a nasty case of procrastinationitis, because I just got basically nothing done, so it's not even worth showing my stats.

I got so far behind, though, thanks to my incredible headstart at the beginning of the month, it wasn't as catastrophic as it was last year (and let's not even go there). I've slowly began to catch up. Right now, I'm at 39k and I need to be at 40k, so it's not too bad. Once I finish this post, I'll get back to writing.

Basically me right now.
I think my biggest problem is that once I get to about 30k, I hit a wall. This happens just about every time I write.
I don't plan my novels out much, you see. I basically just know the very basic storyline, and I have a brief understanding of how it ends, but I don't know what happens in the middle. And so, I falter.

I should probably start outlining my novels more, but when I outline too much, I get stuck as well--I feel like there's no freedom while I'm writing.

Basically, I'm fucked. I'm screwed if I outline, and I'm screwed if I don't. I'll try to find a nice medium, because, seriously, this is just no way to write.

Anyone else have the same issues as me? Any tips on how to fight it?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Week One

Well, the first week (or, half week) of NaNo has come and gone. It was quite an experience, and it sounds cheesy, but it feels like I've learnt something. I always learn something about myself each time I sit down to write, and it's a nice sort of feeling.

I've had a very productive week. I was worried that I'd be barely able to make the daily word goals, but I far surpassed my expectations, and it leaves me brimming with pride. I can't help but gush about how well I'm doing on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook.

Here are the stats:

01/11 Thursday: 5,278
02/11 Friday: 3,062
03/11 Saturday: 4,128
04/11 Sunday: 1,796

Total for this week: 14,264
Total word count: 14,264
Where I should be: 6,666
Words ahead: 7,598

Total word count:

On Thursday, I went to a write-in hosted by one of my uni-friends, and it was a great experience. I got to write, talk about writing, and eat cupcakes, brownies, and pizza. Word-warring in real life was really motivating. It feels far more real than word-warring online.

I'm really loving my story. I love the characters, I love the plot, and I love the worlds (Woooh! Alternate dimensions!). I'm not much of a plotter, so there was a point where I was worried that I would run out of steam and not know what to write next (to be fair, though, I have that feeling with every story I write), but it got sorted out in the end. I pretty much only plan a few chapters ahead, and I have a vague idea of how I know the story will end, so that I can make the journey without feeling forced to do something I end up feeling isn't right for the story. With plotting, I feel like I have no freedom to change the direction of the story as I go. I don't like being limited like that.

One thing that's really bugged me about NaNo so far is finding myself suddenly running out of time to do everything I want. I haven't been reading much because I've been too busy writing, so I've been running low on creative juices. As I said above, I've been learning a lot through writing, and I've learnt to organise my time more efficiently. I have to make time to write, sure, but I also need to fit in reading, excercise, playing with the puppy, socialising, playing Pokemon or The Sims 3, and other shenanigans. It's been tough, but I've managed it.

And because I hadn't been reading much, I'd felt a bit shitty and worn out. I just had no motivation to write, because there just was anything to write. After spending the day sitting out in the sun, reading and relaxing, I managed to fix that, and managed to plod along, writing the minimum daily word goal, which is nice, considering I'd only planned to write about 500 words to bump my word count up to 13k. But now it's at 14k, how wonderful!

So, how are you faring with NaNo? Feeling proud of your wordcount, or feeling shitty? Learnt anything new about yourself through writing? Feel free to comment!