Bucket List

Here is a list of all the things I hope to accomplish at some point in my life. I'll cross them off as I complete them, and will probably keep adding stuff on.

1. Be published
2. Learn to read Japanese
3. Read Haruki Murakami's & Yukio Mishima's books in the original Japanese
4. Go to Japan (and meet my friend Angela! <3)
5. Go to Hawaii (and meet Krystle! <3)
6. Travel through Europe
7. Road trip through Australia
8. Own a hairless cat
9. Write an Urban Fantasy series under a pen name
10. Graduate from uni with good grades
11. Work in the book industry
12. Go to the airport and pick a destination at random
13. Gamble in Las Vegas
14. Go to Disney Land / Disney World / Wizarding World of Harry Potter
15. Go to New Orleans and try beignets
16. Become successful enough to work as a full-time author
17. Buy a piece of art from an art gallery
18. Own an akita inu
19. Own a chow chow
20. Move out.
21. Live in a house that has its own library